This 14 year old dreams to be the CEO of Google, here’s why we believe he can.

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Happy Naari: Bhopal Becomes The First Railway Station In India To Install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

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Once saved from child marriage, this 15 year old is saving many others from the same

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In an excessively ambitious era, our pursuit of ‘success’ leaves behind a week comprising of a hefty schedule, with the weekend being the only glimmer of hope that we hold on before every Monday. And yet, there are a group of college students in the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh, utilizing their weekends to bring …

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Holkar Royal family

Sally Holkar’s work with Women Weave has supported hundreds of women weavers and provided them with cutting edge training to rekindle Traditional Handloom weaving. The moment you lay your eyes upon Sally Holkar, her wandering gaze and a warm smile firmly establishes her grace. Although, a “foreigner” if looking from a crude perspective, Sally Holkar …

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Dr. Bandukwala

Education is a significant tool that empowers and enlightens an individual. Unfortunately, even though it is pronounced to be the birth right of every citizen of the world, a monumental proportion has been deprived of it. Nevertheless, there are many who dedicate their efforts to extend education to the destitute and give opportunities to those …

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Geeta Bora

For a woman in a well-developed urban location in India, getting a hygienic sanitary napkin when she menstruates is not even a considerable question. With the large number of companies producing and selling sanitary napkins in the local markets, such provisions relieve the urban women from various hygiene issues associated with menstruation. But imagine a …

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For Deepa Malik, life has never been able to pose an obstacle that could dim her spirit. Brought up in a family of Army personnel and wife to an armed forces officer, she was accustomed to overcoming challenges that the vast majority of us can’t even think of. She experienced 3 spinal surgeries and got …

A new born always brings happiness and the lives of his parents and a feeling of contentment and peace to everyone around. But, this did not happen when Ding Ding was born. He was born with celebral palsy due to a complication during his birth. The doctors in Hubei province, China predicted at the time …