11 Year old child prodigy Tanishq Abraham graduates from College

Tanishq Abraham

Age has always been a yardstick to appropriately quantify an individual’s suitability for a particular task and has been successfully applied to various legal, political, professional and personal facets of an individual’s life.

The same level of quantification on the parameter of age was and has been applied on our prevalent system of education and pedagogy right from the advent of the civilized society. There is no doubt that this widely accepted system is highly feasible for our age and applicable for all. But we still come across such instances of paramount intelligence ,intellect and inspiration which come atop such age barriers and glady compel us to observe with sheer amazement and awe! Such is the case of 11 year old Tanishq Abraham, a native of Sacramento, California, who graduated with three associate degrees in Mathematics, Science and Foreign language studies from American river college in Sacramento. Home schooled since the age of 7 , Tanishq passed a state exam in March last year to receive his high school diploma. This made him one of the youngest ever in the U.S. to graduate high school. He started showcasing his intellectual prowess right from the age of four when he joined MENSA, the prominent high I.Q. society.

Even at such a tender age, Tanishq has a startling clarity of his vision and a heightened sense of humility where he says that he wants to go to stanford, become a doctor , a medical researcher and also the President of the United States. His achievement even garnered the attention of President Barack Obama who sent him a congratulatory letter.

Tanishq says that he always likes to learn and that is what got him here. His abilities and ambitions were evident from his favourite toy story quote “ to infinity and beyond”. Tanishq and many like him always prove to be a reminder for us that age is never a barrier to educate and get educated. All one needs is that constant enthusiasm and the never ending zeal to learn.

by Tuhin Sen

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