PEHAL, an annual event organized by ‘Social Welfare Association of Neo Socialites (SWANS)’ was conceptualized by Mr. Pradeep Ghosh, Co-founder of SWANS. It is a Techno-Social event for youth which began its journey in 2009 with its ‘Pehal’ to bring about social change through innovation. Event lays special emphasis on social issues pertaining to the underprivileged of our society and tries to find solutions with the help of college students and professionals who compete with each other in various competitions. “PEHAL has been able to make the educated youth realize their social responsibility, their potential and their capacity to usher in an effective positive change” says Mr. Ghosh.

Students showcasing advanced solar cookers at PEHAL
Students showcasing advanced solar cookers at PEHAL

PEHAL is known for its distinctive and remarkable themes. Like every year this year’s theme ‘Using Rural Technology and Practices for Rural Development’ was very appealing which immediately drew attention of the concerned youth of the city who wish to contribute their bit for social welfare. Youth of this Association (SWANS) have proven, that social development can be achieved, through organized volunteering, proper strategy and team work without investing any money. They firmly believe and follow Mahatma Gandhi’s words- ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and PEHAL is one of their ‘Pehal’s’ towards a positive change.

Collected by: Piyuli Ghosh Edited by: Shashank Parimi

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