A Smart Idea to make Goods Transportation Smarter !

dAre you facing problems in transporting your goods from one place to other? Don’t worry LOTrucks will help you in solving all your last mile delivery problems. People of Bangalore are enjoying the benefits of LOTrucks, which is an association started by Bharath Narayan, Goutham and Ram Narayan that works hard to simplify customers life. They are an aggregator of trucks in Bangalore and provide trucks on demand in order to transport goods for customers. The orders have to be placed online on LOTrucks.com website.

This reduces the load on the mini-trucks which run in an unorganized manner on the streets of Bangalore without being able to fulfill the demand of the customers. Even the customers and businesses often face difficulty in finding a facility which can transport goods. LOTrucks provide a better platform for both customer and drivers to come forward and meet their needs with ease.

LOTrucks holds a strong road networking connections with 500 plus trucks in Bangalore and is successfully helping people to transport their goods without any difficulties. They provide the customer with multiple sizes trucks: LOT MAX and LOT MINI, which the customers can choose as per their needs. Currently they are able to provide trucks within 30 mins of demand and are focusing on minimizing it to 10 mins. The charges are as per the distance traveled and the payment is done by cash on delivery.

“When we noticed some important issues like large idle time of vehicles, no standard pricing, customer-driver communication gap and billing problems, we thought this can be addressed using technology. Going forward we identified clear purpose in weeding out pain of last mile delivery. Thus began the journey of LOTLogistics Optimization & Transportation,” says Bharath. Right now they are functioning only in Bangalore and thinking about expanding themselves in other cities too.

Nowadays, “Making life easy” seems to be primitive motto of young entrepreneurs since many of them are analyzing the problems they face in their day to day life activities and are focusing on solving them.

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