Every day when you wake up in a good mood, watching the rising sun, hearing birds chirping and sipping the first tea, the bliss suddenly seems to break, with the sight of a newspaper. The colourful details of killings, rapes, murders, suicide, bombing, etc turn the hopeful morning, into a day of hopelessness and fear. The result, a sense of fear and doubt prevails in society, people shy away from trusting others, citizens are losing confidence in themselves, the system and the society.

‘The Optimist Citizen’ is a Purely Positive Newspaper presenting Good News ranging from inspiring stories to stories of unsung heroes, good governance, achievements, acts of courage, and everything that can create optimism and bring back hope in society. It is a newspaper that chooses to bury all the bad and negative news, by bringing out positive stories from around the globe, to show that there is more good happening than bad. “The Optimist Citizen” is neither an investment by a big firm nor a sister paper of some leading daily, but is an outcome of frustration of youth channelizing their energies in the right direction.

Through our newspaper we wish to bring you positive news, demonstrating the best of humankind, even in difficult and tragic situations. Whilst the national and global media keeps us informed of world events, unfortunately, the only news we hear or see, all too often leading to gloom and doom. The Optimist Citizen seeks to bring to light those inspirational stories that are often not picked up by the TV Channels or newspapers, as they do not create a sensation, but have great stories behind them.

The mission of The Optimist Citizen is to Initiate and stimulate Positive Actions by the virtue of Positive Stories.

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