‘The Optimist Citizen’ is India’s first Purely Positive Newspaper presenting only Positive News and Optimistic Stories from around the world ranging from inspiring stories, to stories of unsung heroes, good governance, achievements, acts of courage, and everything that can create optimism and bring back hope in society. It is a newspaper that chooses to bury all the bad and negative news, by bringing out positive stories from around the globe, to show that there is more good happening than bad. “The Optimist Citizen” is neither an investment by a big firm nor a sister paper of some leading daily, but is an outcome of frustration of youth channelizing their energies in the right direction.

This is an initiative to revive the essence of news and journalism i.e. to create awareness, hope, truth and change. The Optimist Citizen aims to inculcate and induce hope and optimism in society, so that our readers start their day cheerfully. We have done more than 400 positive stories of unsung heroes, extraordinary achievers, good acts, initiatives, innovations and projects and have been able to create a huge positive impact. We are trying to let our readers know that, there is so much good happening in this country and we can do so much more.


Youth Venture
The Optimist Citizen has been selected among the top-15 Ashoka Youth Ventures in India
Manthan Award 2015
The Optimist Citizen won the Manthan Award 2015 in the category News and Journalism
Dream Start-up Challenge
The Optimist Citizen won the ‘Special Jury Award’ in the Dream Start-up Challenge Competition organised by Confederation of Indian Industries and Young Indians.


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