Lately, we have been hearing and witnessing cases of excessive educational and social pressures on children which have led to a lot of unforeseen incidents of a tragic nature. We believe that these incidents are the result of widespread pessimism and negativity spread by the internet and mainstream media and the need for positivity at this stage is paramount. We do realise that there is dire need of a platform for students that lets them know about good news from around the world and also enlightens them with how can they can also participate to make world a better place and become a changemaker.

In an attempt to create a positive revolution, The Optimist Citizen and Ashoka Youth Venture have collaborated for a nation wide campaign to be held in 50 selected schools of the country. Through this campaign, we will be holding session in 50 schools from across the country on ‘How Changemakers are Changing the World’.  

The 90 minutes session will revolve around positive stories of changemakers and changemaking activities. Students might also get to participate in the editorial process of the positive newspaper and get themselves published. 

We are currently selecting school ambassadors (from grade 8 and above) who would co-creating the campaign with us and will run the campaign in their school. The school ambassador will be selected after a rigorous selection process and will be recognised and acknowledged publicly on The Optimist Citizen website. The ambassadors will also get a special certificate of recognition from The Optimist Citizen and Ashoka Youth Venture.

Please read the FAQs carefully before applying

What will I have to do if I get selected as a School Ambassador?

You will be the campaign representative in your school. You will basically have to speak to your school principal/decision maker and setup a session in your school with the official letter from The Optimist Citizen and Ashoka Youth Venture. The session will be designed and organized by The Optimist Citizen and you will be part of the organizing team (All the details of the session and timeline will be given to you post selection)

What will I get if I get selected as a School Ambassador?

The selected candidates will be publicly announced on the campaign page and ‘The Optimist Citizen’ Website. You will get a special certificate of recognition from The Optimist Citizen and Ashoka Youth Venture and a special gift.

What will the campaign start?

The campaign will start in July once the schools reopen after Summer Holidays. We will hold the session in your school on a specific date. You will have to get the permission for the same date (flexible according to school’s timetable)

Is there any fees? Do I need to pay anything?

No, the campaign amabassador program is absolutely free of cost with no hidden costs involved. The Optimist Citizen will bear all the costs related to the campaign (if any).