A District collector from Indore holds a screening of ‘Dangal’ for 250 underprivileged girls

In today’s era of rampant technology and high professionalism, every striving step aims for furtherance within diverse arenas. But, one area that still feels a void is women empowerment. Even, after numerable outreach programs and policies, a majority section of the female gender has been neglected for long.

To supplement the impact of the outreach programs and to contribute in elevating the status of neglected women, many local optimal figures have proffered great influence among the masses. One such figure, P Narhari, the district collector of Indore, showed great zeal by organizing a special screening of the women wrestling centric movie Dangal for 250 underprivileged girls. For many girls, a debut visit to a theatre and a mall was a surreal experience. The girls gained immensely from the movie and the experience and became inspired for their future endeavours. P Narhari has always been an advocate for women upliftment and empowerment. His previous initiatives also speak a lot about his dedication and ardency to motivate the masses for making a better society overall. Being a motivational speaker himself, Mr. Narhari emphasized on the catalyzing impact of the story of Phogat Sisters and its beautiful depiction in the film.

Being a public servant, Narhari believes that it is his moral duty to make the general masses aware and motivated for the betterment of society and the nation. With novel objectives like that, figures like P Narhari are bastions to paddle our nation towards a bright future.


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