Kindness winning over the Disaster

The world is in a state of shock since the massive earthquake shook Nepal and India on Saturday. A series of tremors have been following since then. India has maintained a deep-rooted friendship with Nepal since the very existence of the two countries and at this hour of crisis, it stands by Nepal’s side firmly.

PM Modi assured help to Nepal in the Monthly radio programme ‘Man ki Baat’, where he said, “My dear brothers and sisters of Nepal, India is with you in this hour of grief. For 125 crore Indians, Nepal is their own country and India will make all efforts to wipe the tears of every person in Nepal, hold their hands and stand with them”. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, speaking at the Lok Sabha also confirmed that India will render every possible help for the victims in Nepal.

‘Operation Maitri’ has been initiated by the Government to deploy the medical and engineering teams to the affected areas of Nepal. The Doctors would provide for any medical emergencies and the engineers would work on restoring road links to speed up the evacuation of hundreds of people stuck. India has also started a constant supply of food, water, milk and medicines to Nepal. The Indian Army has set up its headquarters at the area declared as the epicenter for the earthquake. This has been done to perform the rescue operations effectively.

While the Government does its best and provides every possible help to the neighbours, what comes as a beautiful surprise is the concern of the common man of India for the people of Nepal. People are contributing their best to comfort the victims in both Nepal and India. Huge amount of relief funds have been collected so far.  Several Journalists and Lok Sabha members have donated their one month’s salary to the same. Some artists urged people to contribute their bit for the victims in their own unique ways. The locals who survived the disaster are selflessly serving the ones affected.

On one side, where such tragedies destroy homes and lives of thousands of people, they also create heroes. People of all ages have donated aid even when they themselves are struggling to cling to life. These people who have put their life on line for the sake of humanity and others are the heroes in real sense. At such crucial times, people usually tend to lose hope, but the present scenario in India and Nepal restores one’s faith in humanity.


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