Mumbai students come up with a garbage bin that provides free WiFi connectivity to anyone who uses it

WiFi connectivity through garbage bins? Sounds absurd, but not anymore. The concept has been turned into a reality by two commerce graduates, Prateek Agarwal and Raj Desai, from Mumbai. They have come up with a garbage bin that provides WiFi connectivity to anyone who uses it. The bin when used to throw trash, provides a unique code which when used by the user connects him to the free WiFi. The Dustbin itself is affixed with the router and a LED screen for showing the code.

Prateek Agarwal and Raj Desai
Prateek Agarwal and Raj Desai

The idea struck Prateek and Raj during their trip to NH7 weekender music festival. It took the duo around 6 hours to find their friends during the music festival just because they had no connectivity to call their friends. They also realized that people littered around food and waste all over the campus. This incident struck them, and then came the striking idea of Wifi Garbage bin, which when used, will ensure the cleanliness of the area and also provide the unquenchable thirst for connectivity for free.

The project was initially self-funded by Prateek and Raj. Later the experiment was taken forward in different music festivals in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore with the support of internet service provider MTS. “The response was overwhelming; more than 10,000+ people used the Dustbin, and over 200GB+ DATA was consumed.” says Prateek and Raj.


The ingenious pair wishes to establish a whole lot of these trash bins to bring a change in the behavior and attitude of people regarding the maintenance of their surroundings. An innovation like this is a promise for a greener, more beautiful environment for generations to come.

Angeline P. Alex | TOC

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