50 fractures in 26 years of existence and he still finds a way to keep thousands inspired

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How cartoons are changing the landscape of education in rural Bihar

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A school, under a flyover, in New Delhi is transforming the lives of hundreds of deprived children

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cerebral palsy

A new born always brings happiness and the lives of his parents and a feeling of contentment and peace to everyone around. But, this did not happen when Ding Ding was born. He was born with celebral palsy due to a complication during his birth. The doctors in Hubei province, China predicted at the time …

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Natwarbhai Thakkar and the Nagaland Gandhi Ashram established by him in Chuchuyimlang village of Mokokchung district have worked unceasingly to integrate Naga society with the national mainstream. For many Indians even today, the northeastern states of the country and its people are in the limelight most of the time for the wrong reasons. Be it …

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Sandeep and Neha with their daughter Zarouhi

Middle aged married couple Sandeep and Neha were living a happy life. They had successful corporate careers with various multinationals, had financial security and most importantly, had a beautiful daughter, Zarouhi, born in 2015. But, the pall of sadness didn’t waste any time to cover their streak of happiness. Zarouhi was born with a rare …

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Chris Wilson was a simple child, with a wondrous mind who loved to read books. But after an incident which saw his cousin getting shot, he moved with his mother to Prince George’s County. Deeply scarred by the loss, Chris’s sadness was aggravated by the abuse he faced from his mother’s boyfriend and his life …

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Individuals with intellectual disabilities have mostly faced the hostile, ignorant end of society, with few patches of empathy sewn through. But, even just empathising with the intellectually disabled may not be enough. There is much more that we can do for them. Dr. Madhumati Puri, a specialist in genetics research with All India Institute of …

Accepting people for who they are and treating them as equals is one big challenge. People with disability, in specific, are victims of this challenge more than one can even think of. Some give them sympathy, some treat them as a burden, and worse, some treat them as if they don’t exist. This fight for …