Sally Holkar from the Holkar Royal family of Indore is ‘weaving’ stable lives for hundreds of women

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Pune based software engineer working to make sanitary hygiene affordable for rural women

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Paperfuge: A low cost, hand powered centrifuge based on the concept of a whirligig toy

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Moved by the Delhi Rape incident, Arun Sivag, a specialist in Latin and African music, decided to use music as a tool to empower women across the globe and started STRISVARA. With a new musical journey featuring tribal and international musicians, it is attempting to create a new octave of freedom and awareness Arun Sivag began his musical …

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Amar Shrirang Pol, now 34, was raised in the slums of the Industrial Estate in Marketyard, Gultekdi in Pune. A mother who worked as a maid and a father who drove an auto-rickshaw, Amar got a vicious taste of poverty right from his childhood. Working hard, he studied in the Sant Namdeo Pune Municipal Corporation …

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“The Transgender community worldwide has long fought a battle to go beyond the societal classification of a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ and to achieve the fundamental virtues of acceptance and dignity for themselves. The whole community had been fighting hard and their fight now has a new bastion of hope in the form of a …

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We often complain about our lives as being tough without thinking about all the privileges we have been blessed with. As much troubled as we may be, having a full functioning body is something most of us can be thankful for. The ones who do not have this privilege are the ones who struggle through …

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The fruits are never hanging low for some people. For them, even simple acts such as getting out of the bed on their own or being able to walk the perfect way is very difficult. But those, who instead of surrendering to their misfortunes take them as a challenge and overcome their disabilities, are the …

Individuals with intellectual disabilities have mostly faced the hostile, ignorant end of society, with few patches of empathy sewn through. But, even just empathising with the intellectually disabled may not be enough. There is much more that we can do for them. Dr. Madhumati Puri, a specialist in genetics research with All India Institute of …