An 18 year-old’s determined attempt to help underprivileged and disabled kids to topple the Checkmate of Life!

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A girl from a deprived community turns Director and all it took was a Donated Camera

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How a biker duo is riding from India to Scotland to create educational, ecological & sustainable solutions for thousands along the way

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Stepping into an all-male preserve, mechanic Meerabai Meena of Padoona village in Udaipur district traverses hilly terrain every day, repairing hand pumps to ensure safe drinking water for residents in five villages Padoona village in Udaipur district of Rajasthan is nestled in the Aravalli mountain range. Though quite close to Udaipur city, the district headquarters, …

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In an excessively ambitious era, our pursuit of ‘success’ leaves behind a week comprising of a hefty schedule, with the weekend being the only glimmer of hope that we hold on before every Monday. And yet, there are a group of college students in the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh, utilizing their weekends to bring …

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Holkar Royal family

Sally Holkar’s work with Women Weave has supported hundreds of women weavers and provided them with cutting edge training to rekindle Traditional Handloom weaving. The moment you lay your eyes upon Sally Holkar, her wandering gaze and a warm smile firmly establishes her grace. Although, a “foreigner” if looking from a crude perspective, Sally Holkar …

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Dr. Bandukwala

Education is a significant tool that empowers and enlightens an individual. Unfortunately, even though it is pronounced to be the birth right of every citizen of the world, a monumental proportion has been deprived of it. Nevertheless, there are many who dedicate their efforts to extend education to the destitute and give opportunities to those …

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There is this unstoppable wheel, with spokes of goodness, will power and courage in it, which spins and brings forth many characters whose stories transcend time to mark its presence. It did when it turned to show Dashrath Manjhi, the mountain man of our country, who had carved a path deep through a mountain, only …

Lee Duck Hee, the 143rd best tennis player in the world, and the 2nd highest ranked professional in the 18-and-under category, was diagnosed deaf when he was only 2 years old. Instead of whining for days and staying put, his parents bravely researched for a place where he can be properly educated. The main criteria …