A pub owner in Manchester is offering free food and drinks to the homeless this Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to come together, enjoy the day with their loved ones and indulge in the warmth of sparkling wrapping paper, surprise gifts and sumptuous food. But, more often than not, we fail to feel that true essence of Christmas lies in the happiness of others. Sean, the owner of the Old Nags pub in Manchester seems to have a similar opinion. And to substantiate this, he has decided to keep the doors of his pub open on Christmas to offer free food and drink for the needy and impoverished.

Spreading smiles this Christmas
The Old Nags pub in Manchester

The motivation for this was the result of an incident that had a deep infliction on him. One day Sam was on his way to work as usual. Suddenly he observed a woman lying on the floor, unconscious, outside his pub. He immediately called the authorities, but what he heard was even more surprising for him. They told him that someone had already rung them about her and had left her there.

Sam realized that he witnessed individuals with deep vulnerabilities around his pub every day and nobody seemed to do anything for them. Sean lamented, but instead of feeling sorry, he decided to act for this and thus decided to give free food on Christmas.

After the announcement, he got an overwhelming response on social media with people pouring in from everywhere, desperate to lend a hand. Thousands have volunteered to help, including a hairdresser who has offered to provide free haircuts and an expat from Manchester who has made an offer to pay 1000 Euros. Sean, however, has made it clear that he wants people to help in kind rather than donations in cash and anyone who wants to offer food, clothes or other items for the needy is welcome.

Sam is extremely happy with the support and believes that the city of Manchester would be a witness to the true joy of Christmas; the joy of giving.


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