Tailor made internships for you to earn from home and make the most of your vacations. If you wish to sell a product that could visibly make lives happier, or maybe are wishing to build an enterprise that can produce a big, necessary impact on the society- You are welcome!



JOB TYPE : Part- Time

CATEGORY :  Work from Home



The Optimist Citizen is providing opportunities for candidates to understand, adapt and innovate within a startup eco system. For the past two years, we have propagated ideas and stories that bring impact and social change. We are looking entrepreneurial-minded candidates who are passionate to do something new and are ready to take challenges and wish to have a real world experience that is not limited to a cabin.

We would love to have interns who graduate to greater responsibilities in the organization or even be in the core team.

Intern’s Benefit:

Our program is designed to give them hands on experience of a start up culture, the youth led initiative would also assist the intern to channelize their energies and efforts to increase their productivity. The intern also would experience an atmosphere that has a unique blend of Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate. They would also be offered constant mentorship and opportunities to interact with Changemakers, Innovators and other revered dignitaries. The program would help them acquire strong skills, be it personal, managerial, or organizational.

Here are some other perks:

  • Internship Certificates
  • Flexible work hours
  • Decent stipend
  • Work from Home
  • Letter of Recommendation (performance based)


Who can apply?

Anybody who:

  • Anyone who has done or is doing any form of graduation
  • Is available for work for a minimum of 30 days

What will be my work?

– Sales 

Initiate and bring individual and bulk subscriptions from different customer segments of The Optimist Citizen. (Please refer to the targets below).

 Sales Strategies and Campaigns

 Weekly submission of a strategy to market/sell/brand the product.- This would involve personal research and drafting. The Intern with the most promising plan would be promoted as a team member in Business development and strategy and would head the execution of the project with a group of interns in correspondence with the Marketing Head.

– Social Media Engagement

 *Drafting/organising/ and promoting social media campaigns for online traction and visibility. 

What will be my targets?

Sales– 50 subscriptions/month (including both individual and bulk sales)

Sales Strategy, Campaign & Social Media Engagement – Suggesting and designing strategies and campaigns, Liking and sharing the posts by the page and suggest the page to friends.

What are the perks and remuneration?

*The Remuneration is target bound, i.e. The Intern would be paid 4,000 Rs only on successful completion of the targets.*

* The Duration and Location of work is at the disposal of Intern, who is free to decide what would help in completing the tasks efficiently.

* All Interns would be given Internship certificates on completion of the given period.

* Incentives, Bonuses, Letter of recommendations and Offers for promotion would be given to the interns who achieve more than the assigned targets.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If just in case you’re not able to achieve your set target – Don’t worry! We still have decent monetary remuneration for the number of subscriptions you get.