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4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Solar System

You can harness solar energy by using solar photovoltaic technology that helps in converting sunlight into electricity by using semiconductors. A solar system refers to a set-up that is responsible for generating electricity by utilizing the solar energy system. An ideal solar system comprises the following components:

  • Solar panels- helps in absorbing sunlight
  • Inverter- helps in converting direct current into an alternating current
  • Mounting structure- helps by holding the solar panels in place
  • Batteries- help in storing extra power which is generated

Grid-box and Balance of systems- it includes wires and nut
solar energy

Need for a Solar System

The world is adopting renewable power at a faster rate. Owning a solar system is considered a great investment for your home and commercial establishment. Listed down below are the reasons stating the need to invest in a solar system:

    • It is a Safe Investment

A solar system is extremely safe and a secure option for homeowners who want to increase the value of their property. A house with solar installation can get a substantial increase in property value as compared to the ones that do not have a solar system. Solar energy is the most efficient way to cut down on your energy costs on a monthly basis. 

    • It Helps You to Earn Money

One of the best things about a solar system is that if you are still connected to the grid, you can send back the extra energy generated through your solar system at a premium. This extra power, which has not been consumed, can be easily pushed back onto the grid and sold to the utility provider. Such kinds of investment will bring you many benefits and will act as an extra income for you. 

    • It is Environment-Friendly

When compared to the various conventional forms of energy sources, a solar power system does not emit any kind of greenhouse gases. It is one of the great ways to cut down on your carbon footprint levels. 

    • It is Extremely Durable

Once a solar system is installed, it can go on for years without needing any replacement. It offers high resistance against strong winds, rain, and snow. This makes a solar power system durable for years to come. 

Types of Solar System

There are broadly 3 types of solar power systems to choose from:

    • On-Grid Solar Power System/Grid-tied System

An on-grid solar system does not come with batteries and is connected to the national utility grid using either solar inverters or micro-inverters. Electricity that is produced by solar panels is used to run home appliances, and excess electricity is exported to the grid, which further helps in minimizing your electricity bills. 

    • Off-Grid Solar Power System/Standalone System

An off-grid solar power system comes with an option to connect to the national utility grid depending upon grid availability and hence requires batteries to store the generated electricity. They should be well-built so that they can produce ample power throughout the year and have sufficient battery capacity to meet your home requirements, even in winters when there is little or no sun. 

    • Hybrid Solar Power System

A hybrid solar system refers to the combination of on-grid and off-grid solar system which includes a hybrid inverter, solar panels, and batteries, making this solar system more versatile in comparison to other solar systems. It can function without any grid, store electricity in batteries, and export excess energy to the grid. 


Set Realistic Price Expectations

While purchasing a solar system, it is advisable that you compare the different components and check warranty periods. Research the company that is offering solar installations. You can shop for the solar system and its components from a reputable brand like Luminous. They offer transparent pricing and also help in the installation process. 

Solar Panel Certifications

This implies to all the solar purchases, but especially to the purchases that could attract a government rebate. The certification is used to indicate the type of testing a solar power system has undergone. For instance, BIS certification, which is similar to the ISI certification for the solar category indicates that the solar power system has undergone testing by an independent laboratory and has met its advertised specifications. 

Efficiency of a Solar System

You should always look for inverter efficiency before purchasing a solar system. A solar inverter acts as a mediator between the panels and your appliances that converts DC electricity from solar panels to AC electricity which is suitable for home use. 

With people slowly realizing the importance of solar energy, investing in solar power will be a great investment for the future because it will help you in making extra money; it will help in reducing your electricity bills too. Apart from this, it is considered as one of the most efficient ways to decrease your carbon footprint on the planet. Solar panels comprise of batteries that act as storage units, so even if there is no sunlight, you will have enough light to use it during the night-time. 

Reputable brands like Luminous offer a comprehensive range of solar power systems that you can choose from – such as DC-based system, AC based system with backup and AC based system without backup, thereby allowing you to convert your existing power back up into a solar system.

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