Innovation – A solar power run Air Conditioner at Rs. 1800

Innovator – Kalyani Shrivastava

Age – 16 years

Kalyani Shrivastava, a 16-year-old girl Kalyani Shrivastava from Jhansi has built a “Desi AC” which comes at a price as low as ₹.1800. It has an icebox made of thermocol from where the air is released from a 12 bolt DC fab. As a result, cool air is released which reduces the temperature by 4-5 degrees when it is used for an hour. Most importantly, the AC is eco-friendly as it runs on solar energy. Her innovation has been selected by Indian Institute of Delhi for the National Level Model Competition. A 12th-grade student at Lokamanya Tilak Inter College in Jhansi, Kalyani enjoys singing and has participated in the television reality show Indian Idol.

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