It was just another day for Anupriya Soni, an 18-year-old who had just passed out of her school and was ready to join a medical college. She was on her way for a college counselling session on a bright sunny day and she just halted her car to have some water and buy fruits. There, she saw a small kid, probably 8 years old working at the fruit seller shop in the scorching heat and sun.  Anupriya felt bad but didn’t bother to care about it initially as she was used to seeing child labourers working at shops. However, here she found something amiss. She noticed that the owner was particularly rude to him and would slap the young kid for delaying and keeping the customers waiting. But interestingly, the young kid just wouldn’t respond. Anupriya grew curious and went ahead to speak to the little boy. The moment she said ‘Hello’, the little boy slid a pen and paper in front of her. The boy was hearing and speech impaired. On realising this, she asked him for his name and whereabouts and then went to the owner to give her a piece of her mind. The owner (as expected), didn’t bother to care and told Anupriya that she should take the child with her if she cared so much. That lit a spark in Anupriya. She promised the kid that she’ll come back one day and take him with her.

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