We often search for light. A light to sway the dark, a light to bring warmth. But, living alongside us, millions have been devoid of it – struggling to live in the absence of light. After, personally witnessing the loss of a loved one – who died in darkness – 2 brothers from India decided to be the light. 

Arjun Mishra’s grandmother suffered from Glaucoma due to Diabetes and gradually lost her sight. It was the same visual impairment that led her to an accident, causing her death. The incident was shuddering for Arjun who, along with his brother Abhisekh, decided to work for those – like his grandmother – who was at risk due to their impairment and often had limited opportunities in the society. The National Association for the Blind (Employment & Training) or NABET came up in Manesar, Haryana and hasn’t looked back ever since.

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