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A lady who fought the most dreadful disease Cancer, with just a Smile


 Story of  Mrs. Suma Gupta who gave the most humiliating  defeat to the deadly disease Cancer with a weapon called ‘Smile


A disease that shakes even the most confident person from inside, a name that shatters the will to live, a fear that breaks a family into pieces is called CANCER.When the same disease struck a jubilant wife and mother, it found an indifferent welcome. The lady ignored it as a viral. However hard Cancer tried to scare her, she would just smile it away. Such is the story of Mrs Suma Gupta, who battled and defeated Cancer with a smile. Working with MPEB, a friend, a loving wife and a doting Mother, initially she thought it was simple throat infection and viral fever. But when her throat’s swelling grew bigger with signs of pus, it was time to show the Doctor. After the pus was taken out, she was back to normal, but the fever persisted. Then one fine morning she could not believe the mirror. As if she had gulped a tennis ball, as a painless lump grew overnight on her throat.

Mrs. Suma Gupta, Cancer Survivor
Mrs. Suma Gupta, Cancer Survivor

The trips to the Doctor and Pathologist started, with one test after the other trying to confirm or reject options. Until finally one day the word was out, as a biopsy test declared it as malignant. No one mustered the courage to tell her, fearing it might break her completely. But the determined educated lady had other plans. On hearing it, she looked at the fallen faces around her, and just smiled. “So it looks like just another viral” she said, as the Doctor went on to explain her situation. “Can you cure it?” came the second question, that challenged the Doctor. “Of course Yes” said the Doctor. “We have the best medicines and will give you the best treatment” – This statement echoed not from one, but from all the Doctors of Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, to the Oncologists of Bhopal. “Their confidence made me stronger, and I decided to take it head-on” says Suma. “Since I heard it and saw my reports, not once did I think that I would die” echoes the brave lady. Braving every painful test with a smile, she made her Doctors more confident and put them at ease. It was a reverse psychological process, where the patient was egging her Doctor to do more, diligently and efficiently. Highly motivated by their patient, the Doctor gave their best too. But as the medicines sprayed their toxicity in her body, it started weakening, killing her appetite, reducing her WBC count, and shedding her beautiful locks of hair.

But despite all this, it could not wane off the smile on her face. Armed with tremendous will power and strong belief in God, she followed every advice of her Doctors religiously. Encouraged by her strong will to fight the disease, her colleagues, friends, neighbours and relatives prayed and tried to keep her always in high spirits. But the pillars of her strength were her Husband and daughter, who did not miss a moment to be with her, and never let her feel that she had a medical situation. They never uttered the dreadful word, nor discussed it with her. The trio had purposely erased the word Cancer out of their lives, and just followed routine life with fun. Helping her rise and recover from a bed-ridden state, her Husband and Daughter gave her a new life, and a new meaning to life.
Suma’s eyes light up as she goes on saying: “I just let my Doctor, the medicines, and my body free, to fight off the disease. And they did it. My family did the rest. I just had to smile”.

Now after getting over it, she has completely forgotten that she ever had the disease. When asked if she would like to give a message to all cancer patients, Suma says: “Develop will power to face the situation, and believe in yourself that you will win. Even if physical capacities diminish, mental strength should not. If you keep thinking about it, recovery will be slow. Treat it like any other disease, follow the Doctor’s prescription religiously, and let the body free to fight off the disease itself”.

Cancer probably had the most humiliating defeat ever, in Suma’s hands. And she was armed just with a smile.

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