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A Mechanical Engineer invents a cure for Gangrene

Simplicity beats Complexity of Science – Story of Supreet Deshpande

When children in Indian education system, choose pathways of engineering, medical, commerce, humanities and arts at early stages of schooling, they either try to run away from fearful and non-interesting subjects, or they chalk out a career path early. But little do they realize the importance of the knowledge base, created in them, till then.

Supreet too followed the same path during schooling, choosing to study mechanical engineering, and then working for Indian auto giants Bajaj and Mahindra. As he moved up the ladder to head International Marketing at Mahindra, he looked back at his journey and drew a blank. “I always longed to contribute something meaningful to the society”, says Supreet.

Supreet Deshpande being awarded at the BioSpectrum conference

His marketing experience had exposed him to upcoming sustainable businesses, and he saw great potential in Pharmaceutical research. But having studied Biology till Grade 10 in school, this seemed an uphill task. “I found that Drug discovery had been a strenuous process since years. Unsuccessful experiments are carried on for molecules, that do not even pass the simulation test later. This was a laborious and resource consuming effort which did not give desired results at the end”, says Supreet.

But his creative side believed that every complex problem might not have a complex solution. He believed that science was more about simple logic and common sense rather than complexity. Digging into the basics of Biology he learnt till grade 10, and then building up with his analytical skills, he found that if the Molecules were passed through a computer simulated test first, and then experimented, it would reduce the failure rate and the cost and time of research considerably. Convinced with the approach, he quit his lucrative high paying career, and started a Drug Research Company in 2003 to do Molecular Modelling, Simulation and repurposing of drugs. “We use IT tools and softwares for simulation and carry on further research only on molecules which pass the simulation test”, explains Supreet. Using the approach, Supreet and his team successfully developed a drug for Diabetic foot ulcer, which has completed initial phases of Human trials. Another drug developed by his company for Psoriasis, is under animal studies. Led by Supreet Deshpande as the Founder and Chairman, Novalead Pharma won the Best Innovation in Health care 2015, from the Department of Bio Technology, Government of India, for their Galanobax program for Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

From Mechanical Engineering and MBA, to molecular modeling and simulation, bio-informatics and developing new drugs, Supreet has come a long way to demonstrate, that if the knowledge foundation is created well at school, it can lead to great achievements in life. Equipped with the mantra, that ‘Common sense and simplicity can break all complexities of science’, Supreet and his firm is on a roll to discovering and developing valuable drugs, to make the nation disease free.


Story by : Piyuli Ghosh  |   Compiled by : Nikhil Sharma


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