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After successfully recovering from OCD, a 16-year-old develops an app to help others battle the disorder

Most of us might have heard of a mental disorder named OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), but do we really understand what exactly happens with an OCD patient and the kind of extreme anxieties one has to go through? OCD is one of those most misunderstood mental disorders that lie on the fine line between getting normalised and being considered seriously. Resultantly, OCD behaviour either gets normalized and ignored or gets undesirably stigmatised. But for an OCD patient, especially for a child/teen, it is a saddening experience of frequent anxieties and instances of embarrassment that they live with.

Kaajal Gupta, a Bangalore based teen expresses her experience of living with the disorder as this – “I used to get thoughts like- did I wash my hands? Or did I leave the door open? These thoughts used to linger and make me really anxious. These thoughts grew into actions like going in and out of the door constantly in order to save of something that might occur later on, and I would feel that if I didn’t perform a compulsion, something bad would happen and I would be responsible for it.”

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