The world believes that India, the country of a billion will be a superpower by the end of 2020. But with a high degree of unskilled-population in the country, these dreams often looks far-fetched and over-ambitious. To add to our worry, women’s contribution to the Indian economy has been historically low all throughout. If statistics are to be believed, the economic contribution of Indian women in the country’s GDP is just 17%  which is less than half the global average. However, this stinking reality had to be changed and change agents like Sister Rosalia had accepted the challenge much before the government launched Skill India Mission in 2015. For the last twenty-five years, Sister Rosalia, an 81-year-old nun helps women earn their family’s respect by teaching them vocational skills. Sister Rosalia runs a skill-building centre in Pune called Ishwari which conducts a nine-month course through which girls and women from rural and remote villages master vocational skills of the likes of baking, cooking, canning, and preserving food, all of which is sold at exhibitions, or on order, at the most pocket-friendly prices.

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