We hope you and your loved ones are doing safe and fine. It’s been an unpredictable time with more news of despair and tragedy than anything else. The second wave has probably swept us all in a way that we probably were never prepared for. Our team has been on the ground doing relief work and we have been incredibly lucky to have support from all of you in form of resources and blessings. As time demands, we have curated our newest edition with stories that may give you information, tips, updates and hope.

Here’s what this month’s issue has to offer.

  • How Bhutan vaccinated its entire population in a week and what can we learn from it.
  • Tips and Tricks to coast past the second wave of COVID, because the right information can always save lives,
  • Researchers have developed self-cleaning, self-healing, anti-bacterial, virus-resistant face masks that can be reused without the risk of any contamination.
  • The ‘Drone Man of India’ comes to the rescue with customised machines and robots that would aid the country in times of pandemic.

And many more intriguing stories.

The Optimist Citizen Team

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