Over the years, India has transformed into one of the world’s leading producers of milk and dairy products. Since most of this production comes from marginal farmers, there are difficulties faced when it comes to storing milk. The ideal temperature to store milk and other milk products is 7 to10 degrees centigrade, but most marginal farmers fail to maintain the temperature because of lack of cooling devices. Since the advancement of technology in these areas are slow, storing milk in cold/chilling rooms was not a possibility which leads to a loss of product.

To curb this problem, an affordable indigenously designed milk chilling unit for small to marginal rural dairy farmers has been invented by Ravi Prakash, an Indian PhD scholar from Bihar. The main purpose of this unit is to help preserve the quality and safety of milk immediately after production. The unit is said to be like a milking till where it chills the milk while milking it, whereas an original milking till cannot chill milk from the point of production. The till works on a thermal energy storage system and is rechargeable which makes chilling the milk easier.

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