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Couple leaves illustrous career to weave personlised inspirational books for kids

Hetal Gandhi, an award-winning marketing strategist and her husband Neeraj Gulati, a celebrated award-winning digital leader in South East Asia, were once caught up in a dilemma of selecting a gift for their baby niece. They knew that toys would enchant her for a while, but soon she would lose interest and find it boring. The urge to gift her something that she would really treasure, made the duo to explore stories and storytelling as a gift. The duo realised that storytelling has been an age-old way of not just instilling the educational and cultural values in children but also a means to impart wings to their imagination at an early age. Unfortunately, the modern technological revolution has got more children addicted to screens who eventually give up the reading practices, which shrinks their thinking dimension.Keeping this in mind, the couple thought of gifting a unique customized storybook to their niece. They were amazed to see the result. Their niece loved it! It was then that the pair thought to bring the same magic in the lives of many children and parents across the world by founding Bookyboo – a technology-led publishing business printing personalized storybooks for children.


The storybooks are specially designed in a farfetched appealing way so that the children are not just pulled away from the screen but also their creativity is evolved and language is enhanced. These storybooks help the parents and children weave some wonderful moments together and inculcate life-values in an unforgettable way.

Bookyboo makes story reading more fun for children

“In today’s world, parents are working so hard to ensure they give the best to their kids and sometimes in this daily struggle they don’t get enough time with the kids. We believe that the quality of time spent together is always better than the quantity of time and that’s why we encourage parents to read stories to their children. These are the stories that will stay with them and become life lessons.” says Hetal. The Bookyboo storybooks mostly narrate the heroic tales of the children rescuing their parents, finding treasure, discovering new lands and much more. “A lot of our readers share, that more than anything, a Bookyboo makes the child truly feel like a hero. All children dream about being heroes while they role-play, makeup stories or play with friends. Inherently innocent, the kids believe they can do good and change the world. We want to preserve this feeling and hope the children grow up to be big heroes, just like they are in a Bookyboo story.” says Hetal.

File image of the collection of Bookyboo

The team behind this unique platform includes a pool of writers, software engineers, illustrators, data scientists, publishing experts, mothers, and children. At present, Bookyboo strives to create personalization at scale to make it affordable for the parents across the globe by making the process fully automated. Recently, a newly launched Mickey Mouse book of Bookyboo in collaboration with Disney has also received wide appreciation. The Bookyboo stories are definitely creating a revolution for children by giving children a sense of inspiration and direction. A Bookyboo story a day can turn your child into a hero for life!

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