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Moraa Educational Complex

Afghanistan has been tagged as a nation with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world by major international organizations and think tanks. Insurgency and civil disruption has shattered the backbone of the nation with a literacy rate of only 38.2% being a dreadful evidence for that. But what comes as a sadly highlighting …

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Chennai has been hit by the worst floods of year and people from all around the world have come up to extend help through Social Media Here are some of the tweets by generous individuals who have extended help through Twitter  

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Chennai is inundated with this century’s maximum rains resulting in terrible consequences.  The airport has been closed, roads cut off , hundreds have died and millions have lost their livelihood, belongings and homes.  Various organizations and individuals have come together to mobilise resources and to make sure that these resource materials  reaches all those victims …

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    The 12th Annual Manthan Award for best South Asian Digital Content recently honoured a host of winners in 12 categories who are using ICT for developmental purposes on 3rd December 2015 at The Indian Habitat centre, New Delhi. It will be ecstatic for our readers to know that amongst the 27 winners who have …

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