With the increasing impact (both positive and negative) of technology on our day to day lives, staying up-to-date with the world has become easy with just a click of a button. And children are not alien to this advancement either. Studies say that an average child spends 32-28 hours per week on devices, tv, and computers. There have been proofs that online games do help in developing cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination, but what is important is to give children options to constructively use that screen time. especially in the growing years where cognitive skills are shaping up. We often come across first-generation parents grappling with issues of their child’s screen time. A lot of working couple step out for work leaving their children at day-care centres or with help at home and hence the cognitive abilities of children and often left unattended.


However, Ritika Kumar, an MBA graduate from MICA and more importantly a mother of a 4-year-old girl has been successful in finding midway by turning children’s leisure time into an insightful learning experience

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