The pea-peel bioplastic bags fulfil every utility that any regular plastic bag would do.

Our engagement with plastic bags has become a daily affair. We come across it when we buy groceries, or go shopping. Often even with the food we get packed for our spontaneous dinners. But what happens to all the pile of packets which we later can’t find? One may see it scuttling on the ground on a windy day, or maybe floating in the gutter. You can see them tangled to the branches, or sometimes come across videos of it being found in the ocean. Or even worse, in the stomach of some animals. There’s plastic everywhere. More than 288 million metric tons of plastic is produced worldwide every year and the number is increasing ever since.

The most obvious question that comes up next is how do we remove the traces of plastic from our lives? To answer this, more people are coming up with innovations to remove its traces from the environment. But who would have thought that something as redundant as waste in your kitchen could solve the problem of plastic bags? Well, one duo did and their efforts transformed the kitchen waste to create one amazing product. The duo working towards eliminating the plastic is of Manleen Kaur and Raghav Jain. 

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