Life deals a hand to all of us. Some get the hand that sets them apart, for good. Others are dealt a hand that cripples them to their core. But, it is how you take your next move, defines you. Some crib and cry, whereas some put up the fight of their lives. 

An evident example can be found in the story of 3 lives. Mr Vikram More whose eyesight was taken away at the mere age of 2 due to smallpox, the orthopedically-challenged Ms Leela Chandude or   Ismail Quereshi who became a blind person at the age of 2 years through Typhoid. All of them, no matter the hand they were dealt, never gave up. They managed to complete their education and show their resilience. But their success story was hindered in between as they stepped foot into the ruthless world looking for employment. Despite 10% of our population i.e. around 125 million persons being either physically or mentally disabled, the employment and rehabilitation facilities available to them are negligible in comparison.

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