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How a successful medical surgeon from Pune gave up his practice to live a medicine-free life by converting a barren land into a thick forest

We are all aware that in today’s time, almost all the life-giving sources are majorly polluted for the sake of urbanization and development which in turn are causing several health related issues and acute diseases. From senile to toddlers, no one is spared by the devastating health impact extended by a reckless trend of consumerism and pollution. Instead of making appropriate healthy changes in our habits and routine, we resort to drugs and medicines that are accompanied with numerous side-effects. “Health is wealth” – once a living mantra for all is now forgotten and people have indulged themselves into a crazy drive that ultimately brings us to the threshold of ever-growing stress and health issues. But, some are being diverted towards the pious offerings by Mother Nature due to the chaotic urban lifestyle and the mad rush of the cities. Fresh air to breathe, pure water to drink, nutritional food to eat and ample amount of exercise is all it takes to lead a healthy life.

Dr. Pravin Chordia, an established surgeon in Pune, always thought that it is a severe issue in the manner in which we take up our lives on a daily basis. He found it strange that how humans have detached themselves from nature and have become slaves of medicines for an oxymoronic ‘healthy survival’. Dr. Pravin eventually put a lid on his well-functioning clinic and initiated a drive to live a medicine-free life and inspired others to do the same. “I am a doctor and therefore I know both sides of the coin. My responsibility as a doctor is to prescribe an actual healthy way of living to my patients so that they never need any medicine during their lifetime. Recommending drugs that will artificially support people to continue living in a way which is not sustainable and does not have a future makes no sense.” says Dr. Pravin, reaffirming his faith in a medicine free lifestyle.

He was immensely interested organic farming, was an advocate of organic food since a long time and was also affiliated with the Maharashtra Government for the same for more than 10 years and had conducted several lectures promoting the wellbeing of people by resorting to natural means. He bought around 300 acres of land in the lap of the Sahyadri mountain range and planted over 3 lac trees and converted the barren land into a thick forest. Today, Dr. Pravin and his family consume all the different kinds of organic food that they grow themselves. “I have stopped prescribing any kind of medicine to my patients. Instead, I now orient them in adopting an appropriate way of life.” Dr. Pravin adds. Few other families are also involved in similar activities with the Chordia family. The family has named the part of their land as the ‘Serene Eco-Village’ owing to the peaceful, fresh and healthy aura that it emanates. The Serene Eco-Village is open to all those who are looking to break the stereotype of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is a perfect example of Rurbanization – a popular concept which intends to pick just the positive features of the rural and the urban areas. Special eco-tours are also organized for the interested tourists in the eco-village. While wrapping up, Dr. Pravin shared a very interesting concept of ‘ANSWER’ with us. He said that “A – quality of Air, N – Nutrition, S – Sunlight, W – Water, E- Exercise, R- Rest; the ‘ANSWER’ is a simple way by which many health related issues can be resolved. In all my years of adult existence I have never had a single test done over my body. Moreover, my fitness has improved in last 10 years by embracing simple lifestyle changes.” Dr. Pravin mentioned who stands proudly fit at 60 than most middle aged and many young individuals. At present, along with the Eco village, Dr. Pravin also runs a medicine-free life clinic at Pune where he guides all his patients in living a healthy lifestyle.

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