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Eco-friendly and pocket friendly gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

The red roses blooming all around and lovers watching the sunset by the seashore. It’s that time of the year when air breathes love. With Valentine’s day being right around the corner, shops are decorated with red hearts and windows are popping with romantic deals. Valentine’s day is an extravaganza on its own and along with that, it comes with a great responsibility to buy the perfect present for your significant other. Amidst exchanging gifts and showing romantic gestures, lies our planet earth. It is indeed a season of love but for our mother earth, it is bad news. Millions of cards, gifts leads to deforestation. Above all, some gifts are not reusable and take a lot of time to decompose. To avoid the hustle of finding the perfect gift and to reduce the environmental impact of Valentine’s day without making it a hassle, we bring you some eco-friendly pocket-friendly gift ideas.

Organic Chocolates

Chocolates are the most overrated valentine’s day gift and yet they never go out of style. Organic chocolates are new this season and people are loving the blend of greens with their favourite confectionary. Satisfy the taste buds of your partner by gifting them a pack of delicious organic chocolates. Naviluna’s artisan online chocolate store called earth loaf is the right place to find the best natural chocolates. It is made from organically certified Indian cacao beans and is finely crafted. Founded by David Belo and Angelika Anangnostou, the duo from London claims that all their chocolates are hand-screened, hand-tempered, hand-filled, hand-rolled and hand wrapped with care.

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Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

Reusable bamboo cutlery is a great alternative to disposable cutlery. theotherstraw produces ethically-handmade bamboo cutlery sets which include a bamboo fork, knife, spoon and cutlery bag. Their bamboo cutlery set is easy to carry around and stylish, your Valentine will never need disposable plastic cutlery again!

theotherstraw ships worldwide (carbon-neutral and plastic-free), they also donate 50% of their profits back to ocean clean-ups. All their products are ethically-handmade, using only sustainable sources.

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Bottle Planters

Bottle Planters are a perfect way to decorate the hallways or kitchen. They add a touch of green to an empty wall and make them more appealing.

The eco-friendly planters are perfect for small as well as big spaces and is a perfect gift option for people who are inclined towards nature. Giftcart is an online gift store which provides various options to choose from. They also have an extensive collection of both traditional and ethnic, modern and contemporary gift items. Along with bottle planters, they also sell environment-friendly vases.

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The Last Swab

Eco-friendly gift for eco-warriors from LastObject – A company that produces alternative products to all single use products to reduce stress on world’s resources. LastSwab is a perfect alternative to single-use swabs. What is amazing about it is that you can use the product about 1000 times. It’s pretty convenient with water and soap.

The firm hit a nerve among many consumers as more than 30,000 backers said goodbye to the single-use cotton swabs and bought the LastSwab during the initial crowdfunding. With many pre-pledging their purchase even before the launch date. The LastSwab is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s ears to this radical change of how we view products.

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Soy Candles

Soy candles are a perfect gift for people who love being surrounded by fresh and aromatic scents. Unlike other candles, they are affordable, durable, cleaner and smell way better than most of the candles. Song of India is a perfect online store to find the highest quality – all natural soy candles at a surprisingly affordable price. The striking thing about this online shop is that all products are hand made and provide a luxurious experience. The online store has a history of its own and was founded by
Mr Jagdamba Prashad Mathur in the mid-’90s as a manufacturing unit which eventually turned into a full-fledged business. His great-grandchildren have now opened an online business of all-natural wellness and fragrance products.

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Paper Jewellery

With American diamonds going out of style, paper jewellery is becoming the trendiest and cheapest way to dress up any outfit. They also make a unique gift for the lady in your life. From earrings to neck pieces, everything is being experimented by artists who indulge in making jewellery from paper. They are the most eco-friendly gift option available in the market. Etsy is an online international market for special and creative products. It’s an epitome of unique items with a touch of vintage and handcrafted styles. They have a wide range of handmade products which include bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc.

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Handmade Soaps and Shampoos


A perfect way to show your partner that you care is by gifting them personalised hygiene products of high quality. Handmade soaps make the best gift for people who enjoy the good aroma and love experimenting with different fragrances. They are beautifully made and are best known for detoxifying. Ingredients like mint, honey, olive, coffee make them even more soothing and natural. Eco-cradle is an online store which deals with diverse beauty and wellness products. Founded by Somya Jain in November 2018, the startup makes handmade products which are cruelty-free, vegan and 100% natural. They also have customised products for Valentine’s day.

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Organic tea and coffee

India is a country where a day begins and ends with a cup of tea. So why not gift your valentine assorted organic tea or coffee to rejuvenate their mind and body? With different varieties of tea taking over the market, organic tea is topping the charts. It is 100% original and provides multiples of benefits. Apart from boosting stamina, they are great antioxidants and guard against cough and cold. Organic shop, as the very name suggests is an organic online store with certified organic products. Started in November 2012, Organic Shop was founded by Manoj Terapanthi and It offers products across food, textile, beauty care, health and wellness.

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Eco- friendly stationary

Everyone needs a cute notebook and a sharp looking pair of pens on their desks. Giskaa is an online platform for organic, eco-friendly, and green products. Their stationery products are mostly reusable and are made of the finest quality. It is an adorable yet thoughtful v-day gift which is not heavy on the pocket. It also has several other organic products from cosmetics to toys. They have it all.

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Red is overrated. This Valentine’s Day, let’s go Green!


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