Would you believe me if I tell you that you can grow a dense forest in your backyard from scratch in just 2 years and at a budget less than an iPhone? Well, one man has been doing it for thousands of Indian houses, schools and offices for several years now. 

Shubhendu Sharma, a chemical engineer by profession was working at a Toyota plant where he met Dr Akira Miyawaki, a naturalist who had undertaken the project to cultivate a forest at the Toyota plant. Dr Miyawaki was known for building a methodology that helps in building dense, green forests that grew by ten folds and made forests thirty times denser than usual. Sharma offered to volunteer with him. That’s when he got acquainted with the ‘Miyawaki technique’. Fascinated by its regeneration capabilities, Sharma thought of a plan to replicate this model in India. But the real question was how?

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