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This Environment Day, use your waste bin as a ‘Resource’

When the entire world is talking about environment conservation and sustainable development, do you wonder if that is even possible? Do you wonder if you, as a part of an urbanised locality held into inevitable product consumption and waste generation, can ever contribute towards the larger goal the world wants to seek?

Yes, you can.
The ways are not so difficult and confusing as they appear. You just need to be a bit creative.
Take a look at your waste bin. That is probably the most resourceful thing in your house.
Wondering how?

Let’s see.

The empty plastic bottles that once contained your favourite cold drinks are not a waste anymore. They can do wonders!

  1. Need a broom? Make one out of a bottle.
    Image Credits:

    2. These are beautiful pots.

Image Credits:

       3. Trust us, these are the best air conditioners and they use a simple scientific idea of cooling air. An initiative of GREY DHAKA of Bangladesh, this zero electricity air cooler is made from re-purposed plastic bottles. To know how to make an Eco Air Cooler, click here.

Image Credit:  

Want to know what your empty milk cans can make?

      4. Holders!

Image Source:

      5. Using hose wastes plenty of water? Not to worry. Here are your water sprinklers made out of plastic milk cans.

Image Source:

      6.  Now your jeans pockets will not only hold your wallet, handkerchief and phone, but a lot more.

Image Source: DenimDoover

    7. Love drinking coconut water? Drink more and then plant more. These coconut shell pots with coconut remnants in the inner layer will also give nutrients to your plant.

Image Credits: Pradeep Ghosh

        8. That’s the tiny little one made of the tiny little lemon peel.

Image Source: JenniferClineFitness

         9. Some tea cups can be used for this as well, especially the ones with broken handles!


        10. Your coins will be safe in these!

Image Source:

        11.Want colourful handbags? Make one.

Source: TheAlternative

        12. These tyres will not roll down into landfills any more but become a part of your garden.

Source: Constantgardenerblog

      13. Now that’s something unique in your living room or in your lawn.

Source: Pinterest

      14. Don’t give away those newspapers to the kabadiwala anymore. Those can be your shopping accompanists. Make your carry bags out of those.

Image Source: How About Orange         

So, get ready to use your trash in more innovative and creative ways to contribute towards a sustainable planet!

If you too have come across any such idea of reusing waste creatively, feel free to share those ideas in the comment box.


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