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Fighting the other side of the Pandemic: Hunger Crisis

As the entire human race fights the baleful boutade of COVID-19 with countries sealing borders, cancelling international travel and imposing nationwide lockdowns; the other equally bad side of the pandemic stays more or less hidden under the carpet. With the world economies crumbling down, healthcare systems collapsing and people losing their jobs and money, daily wage workers, and migrant labourers stranded across various parts of India struggle for survival in absence of food, shelter, and other essentials. To support the less privileged of all, many organizations have come forward and provided a helping hand in changing their conditions for better.

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Images Source: Goonj

Target- Working tirelessly to provide essentials to beneficiaries, the NGO under its ‘Rahat COVID-19’ project is ensuring that the migrants, daily wagers, and vulnerable groups survive the lockdown period with access to basic consumables. 

Action- Goonj with an extensive network of teams and volunteers along with 92 grassroots partner organizations is working in 18 states/UTs and providing ration kits, face masks, and sanitary pads to those in need. 

Impact- The NGO has by far extended support to 17,700 families all across India. With a close network of people comprising volunteers, community workers, and partners Goonj has distributed 15,100 ration kits and produced 42,800 face masks and 24,900 sanitary pads. 

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Give India

Image Source: Give India

Target- GiveIndia has set up various fundraising initiatives to secure livelihoods for those rendered without homes and jobs and is in immediate need of ration and hygiene kits. The organization has launched two missions to help people cope with the pandemic and its repercussions. The first one ‘India Against Coronavirus’ aims at providing basic amenities and hygienic kits to poor families, abandoned elderlies, cancer patients, etc. The second one ‘Support COVID-19 Hit Families’ is being carried to help those without an earning source with cash and ration support to feed their families and take care of other essentials like rent.

Action- With the extended support of 32 NGOs including Aapna Janakalyan, Aarti for Girls and Abhoy Mission; the organization has been distributing money, ration kits, and sanitation kits to the vulnerable and marginalized communities in different locations across the country. 

Impact- Under the first mission ‘India Against Coronavirus’, GiveIndia has raised ₹45,69,106 with the generous contribution of 1,194 supporters. Under the second mission of helping families financially, the organization has raised ₹14,30,94,673 for daily wage earners. ₹7000 were given to the families residing in urban areas whereas an aid of ₹5000 was provided to rural households. 

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 Navchetana Sarvangin Vikas Kendra

Image Source : Navchetana Sarvangin Vikas Kendra Twitter

Target- The organization by women volunteers is working to help migrant sugarcane plantation workers of Beed district in Maharashtra overcome the ongoing existential challenges. The community is facing a threat at the hands of the non-migrant villagers who refuse them access to water, groceries, and stores due to the fear of infection. 

Action- The organization has partnered with the District Collector, District Police, Gram Sabha members, civil society organizations, and 10 local wholesale grocery store owners to accelerate the relief work. 

Impact- With the grassroots network of volunteers, Navchetana Sarvangin Vikas Kendra has provided relief kits to 4000 families of plantation workers. Each kit contains dry ration, sanitation and hygiene products, and basic medicine. The NGO has fundraised ₹5,09,067 and a leading funding organization and a health organization have stepped in to cover support for 1500 families.

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Zomato Feeding India

Image Source: Zomato Feeding India

Target-  As the nationwide lockdown has forced the food delivery apps to shut their service, Zomato is raising funds for the families of daily wagers who might have lost out on employment and the company’s over 100,000 delivery men. 

Action- Under the ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ project to raise INR 50 crore, Zomato is providing meal kits to the beneficiaries containing wheat flour, rice, and two types of pulses that is sufficient to cook meals for a family for a week. Financial aid of ₹1000 is being given to Zomato’s delivery partners under the initiative ‘Rider Relief Fund’. 

Impact- ‘Feed the Daily Wager’ project has managed to raise ₹30.45 crores for distributing kits to the under-privileged households with the help of multiple on-ground NGOs. A total of ₹1.54 crores has been raised under the campaign for the food delivery riders.

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 Uday Foundation

Image Source: Uday Foundation

Target- Uday Foundation is working in these times of crisis for those on streets without homes and access to healthcare facilities. 

Action- The organization has been raising funds to distribute a one-month food supply, hand sanitizers, and soaps to vulnerable families, poor patients, and their kin outside hospitals. They have also collaborated with TFAC for the ‘Sing For A Cause’ campaign.

Impact- Uday Foundation has set a fundraising goal of ₹ 3000000 and by far has already raised ₹2058900 with the generous contribution of 529 supporters. 

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Robin Hood Army

Image Source: Deccan Herald

Target- As the elderly and senior citizens are amongst the most vulnerable age groups to the highly contagious COVID-19 infection, Robin Hood Army is working round the clock to lend a helping hand to those aged people who live alone or away from their children. 

Action- Under the combined initiative ‘Senior Patrol’ with ABP News Network, 60,000 Robins ( volunteers) are providing requisite food and medicines to the elderly people. The organization does not raise funds for their campaign but rather work through partnerships and volunteers. The team has created an online form through which anyone can request essentials for their aged relatives in another city. All the necessary arrangements are made within 48 hours of the request keeping the safety norms and social distancing guidelines in mind. 

Impact- The team received over 1500 requests in April and has helped more than 500 elderly people in 107 cities with the assistance of 50,000+ volunteers. RHA has served more than 2 million meals across five countries in one month.

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SAFA Society

Image Source: LBB

Target- SAFA is working in collaboration with Youth Feed India and COVID 19 Food Security Group to provide food support to hunger-stricken and poor people with essential kits that would last a family for a week. 

Action- The team is distributing meal kits to the susceptible groups in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & North Karnataka. 

Impact- SAFA has raised a fund of ₹204,385 and has distributed 2,80,000 and 5,60,000 respective meal equivalents in phases one and two of their program. 

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Image Source: SEEDS

Target- SEEDS is working to provide financial and essential services to the daily wage earners, marginalized groups, orphanages, and old age homes. 

Action- Working in coordination with the central government and state governments of Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Uttarakhand; the organization is distributing meal kits and hygiene kits to the beneficiaries. Additionally, SEEDS is also helping district administrations for complementing public health systems and building temporary quarantine facilities and thus taking the burden off their shoulders.

Impact- The organization has played a pivotal role in helping many overcome the tough situation. The team members have distributed meal and hygiene kits to 26 families in Veer Gabbar Basti, Rajpur with the help of local stakeholders and police and created awareness on community transmission. They also gave dry ration kits to 140 families in Solapur, 150 households in Ratnagiri, and to vulnerable groups in Bihar, Kerala, Odisha, Karnataka, and Delhi. 

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