Mandar was a 16-year-old cheerful boy who had just finished writing his 10th board examinations. After he gave his last board exam on 21st March 2015, he and his friends decided to go for an outing to a dam in the outskirts of the city. This dam, popularly known as the Kerwa was a prominent place of recreation for youngsters. But there was this one particular backwater section known as ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ (The Pit of Death), which was infamous for reportedly over 174 drowning deaths. That day, Mandar and his friends were exactly there. Mandar and his friends decided to take a dip in the water and went to the shallow side of the water body which was 2 feet in depth. While Mandar and his friends were making merry in the waters, Mandar’s feet accidentally slipped and he started drowning. From a 2 feet depth, he suddenly struggled to find his feet below and slowly started drifting towards the deep end of the water body. Despite rigorous efforts of his friends, they could not save him from flowing into the depths. They saw Mandar grappling for his breath for a while and then the water became still. Another friend of Mandar was barely saved. Shocked and dumbstruck, these 16-year olds could barely react to the situation. There was no mobile network and they could not make any calls. They reached out to local villagers for help and the divers were called. After about an hour of search, Mandar was brought out of the water. Back home, Mandar’s parents and family had no idea that their world was just about to crumble; that they would never see their 16-year old’s cheerful face again.

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