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The word youth has always been shrouded by ambiguity since times immemorial. A flurry of researches, studies and debates have been conducted to find out the core emotions, aspirations and motivations attached with a youth, but the ambiguity still persists. A sort of radical and bleak perspective says that youth represents the fierce fight that exists in our globalized world where dreams our traded in for pre determined aspirations and skills are honed to survive in this world of perpetual competition.

ENACTUS HR Team with Director of HR College, Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani
ENACTUS HR Students with Director of HR College, Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani

A more positive and an optimistic perspective deduces that youth represents the power to change, the strength to stand up against exploitation and a voice which speaks for millions. And everyday we witness numerous such examples where our youth is indeed standing up for themselves and for others and are moulding themselves as the messengers of social change and sustainability.

One such example which concretizes the above mentioned positive view of the youth is that of a youth run organization that primarily works in Mumbai and is known as Enactus H.R. College. It is a chapter of Enactus, an international non profit organization dedicated to inspire students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.  Enactus is spread over 36 countries, functions in 1700+ universities with an involvement of around 70500 students and impacting 1950000+ lives. Enactus H.R. College  is coordinated by the students of the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. It was started in 2008 as a launching pad for students to pursue a successful transition from classrooms to communities to careers adding the values of imagination, accountability, innovation, curiosity and determination as its backbone. It aims to have an equitable impact over both rural and urban spheres of the society through community empowerment projects added with the guidance of academic advisors and business experts.

ENACTUS HR Volunteer Shikha Thakore with Underprivileged Children
ENACTUS HR Volunteer Shikha Thakore with Underprivileged Children

Enactus HR College has taken up 11 projects till date, of which 9 have been successfully completed and 3 are continuing. The continuing three projects are Project Aasha, Project Saarthi and Project Chiraag. Project Aasha was started with the literal and yet crucial emotion of hope. Propagating hope amongst underprivileged women and empowering them by channelizing their them into skilled beauty professionals by training them in beauty skill sets. Starting in 2012, the project has made a monumental impact in the lives of more than 50 women some of whom are already working and are earning for their families and are leading an immensely dignified respect in their community and outside and along the way winning the fight against unjust and inequitable socio economic and religious barriers. The beneficiaries now lead a life of respect where they earn for their family and send their children to school.

Enactus HRC provides a platform for students to create community development projects utilizing a unique entrepreneurial approach with benefits both the students and the beneficiaries.

ENACTUS HR Volunteer Divya Sanbhwani with the kids
ENACTUS HR Volunteer Divya Sanbhwani with the kids

Another exemplary project conducted by Enactus HR College is Project Saarthi. which aims to impart English language skills by creating teacher entrepreneurs within the community who will further teach the primary-aged students and also create a source of sustainable income for themselves. The project was initiated to cater to the academic needs of underprivileged school children and the economic and social needs of the women from the low economic strata of the society. The success of the project is evident from the fact that it gave birth to teachers who not only taught in their own communities but some of them got an opportunity to work in BMC schools. Sonal Shedge was a homemaker from an economically-backward family. “I now teach at a municipal school and earn Rs 4,000 a month,” she says.

The work of Enactus HR and the social impact it has has attracted the attention of imminent personalities such as Prince Andrew and Sir Ratan Tata. Moreover, it has been the recipient of numerous accolades like the Hindustan Unilever Award recognizing leadership and team building and was among the finalists for Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. The team even received a letter of appreciation from Mrs. Hillary Clinton for Project Aasha.

ENACTUS HR Volunteer Priyanka Shah playing with the kids
ENACTUS HR Volunteer Priyanka Shah playing with the kids

It is initiatives like these which redefine and mould the way how today’s youth perceive the situations present in our current socio economic scenario. It is organizations like these who emphasize the point that for the leaders of our tomorrow just having a streamlined mindset of doing a business is not enough, instead utilizing such managerial and analytical skills to have an impact on our community as a whole.

The Optimist Citizen salutes ENACTUS HR for the spectacular work and for transforming so many lives.

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