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How a 21 year old ‘Gabru’ is changing the face of youth, in the drug infested state of ‘Punjab’

Born and brought up in a remote village on the border of India and Pakistan, Inderpreet Singh has seen the changing conditions of the youth of Punjab, getting addicted to malicious stuff with no sensitization, whatsoever, to the societal issues. Ever since he was an undergraduate, he believed in improving the substandard condition of India, specifically Amritsar, where he was born and brought up. That is when he set up a goal, to improve the condition of youth by encouraging them to improve the condition of their society themselves.

Inderpreet Singh in a Conference
It is then, that he started a venture for the youth in his university, to come together and channel their potential in solving urban complexities of traffic, garbage and citizen apathy. The venture, now named iRa (I responsible Amritsar), has spread over other colleges, with over 40 volunteers. Inderpreet opts for social media, to spread his word, and to gather more supporters for this social cause. The main problem of this heritage city, he says, is the apathetic attitude of the general public. To get them more involved in the process, iRa’s “ Raise your voice ” campaign portal at their website, emboldens the public to report problematic issues and come up with opinions.
Inderpreet Singh taking a session in an Old Age Home
Now a graduate, he is starting a new venture, which would not only benefit the society socially, but also economically. He throws some light on the elderly people, who either have been left unattended by their children, or live in old age homes, with their woes. He says, “Sitting idle for the whole day, without any active interaction or participation in the society has abated their morale.” He then proposes, that providing them with work, having minimal labor would not only satisfy their social, financial, psychological and physical needs, but would also give the solution to the adverse ‘population aging’ problem in developing nations like India. He plans to name the community as SPEEE (Society for productive engagement and entertainment for elderly) which will aim at setting up businesses for old people which requires less labor, such as poultry farming in an old age home, organic farming, pickle making, mushroom farming, teaching, etc. Apart from economic growth and development of India, this concept will not only make them independent but also maintain an activity in their life, which will boost up their will to live.

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