The Optimist Citizen’s


‘THE OPTIMIST CITIZEN’ is India’s first Purely POSITIVE Newspaper presenting only positive news and optimistic stories ranging from inspirational stories, to stories of unsung heroes, to stories of achievers, change-makers, good governance and anything and everything which can create optimism and bring back hope in the society. It has published more than 800 positive stories as of now and has reached about 10000 readers through the physical newspapers and more than 10 lakh people through its online presence.

The Optimist Citizen’s Internship Programme is a globally recognised Internship Programme which has seen participation from more than 3000 students from across the world. The 2 month internship programme is intense and inspiring at the same time. 

Get an experience of an alternate media house newsroom

Write impact stories which has the potential of creating a wave of positive actions

Get published in India’s first Purely Positive Newspaper (in print and digital)

Get an opportunity to speak to changemakers from across the world