ISSUE – 31

Innovators develop an affordable Breathing Support Device that helps save babies born with Respiratory Disorders

In the valley, beyond the unrest, young Kashmiris are building mental peace in youth through art

Far away from the hustle bustle of city life, this unique music school is giving voice to children in the tribal areas of Hubbali

IIT Delhi alumnus develops an innovation to fix acute lower back pain without any surgery

Boondh: Making your periods more environment-friendly, pocket-friendly and hygienic

School students are walking out of their classes to attract the attention of the authorities towards climate change

A Teach for Indian alumnus who is empowering underserved children with a platform to express stories through art & poetry

A designer duo who are creating sustainable children’s furniture by recycling plastic toys

A group of engineers from Kerala build a robot to clean manholes and put an end to manual scavenging

One man who saved 20 million litres of water Alone!

School students from villages in Rajasthan are making communities sustainable using DIY solutions 

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