ISSUE – 32

A PIL by a Senior Citizen that saved 132 girls orphaned by 2013 Uttarakhand Floods

A young girl’s attempt to save Mizoram’s youth from the trauma of substance & psychological abuse

Women led enterprises from the heart, soul and soil of rural India

Yann Borgstedt has shown that investing in women not only brings economic prosperity for the world

24-year-old Mumbaikar building a collective of new-age Compassionate and Feminist Youth Leaders

A decade-old feminist organisation which laid the foundation of feministic practices in India

An 81-year-old nun’s unending struggle to increase the economic and social contribution of Indian women in the country’s economy

An organisation born after the Gujarat Riots that took on the mass movement of sensitizing youth post the turmoil.

A business honcho and an author of three best-selling books who dedicated his life to gain the rightful dignity for the physically, socially intellectually disabled

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