IIM Bengaluru alumni develop a Gaming App to find out how well can you detect and stop the spreading of Fake News

A 14-year-old animal lover who has on her own established a Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for abandoned pets and stray pups

A 21-year-old opens a shelter home for more than 66 children with hearing and speech impairment

A Pune based architect-couple is changing the convention by building Natural Houses which doesn’t require ACs.

Concerned by the over-exposure of digital entertainment, a mother designs a special news-app and newspaper for kids

A young couple from Nagaland is parenting tribal children with extremely traumatic pasts

An Indian born Commercial Vehicle Technologist from Germany is making eco-friendly products out of the pair of jeans that you toss up in the bin

26-year-old’s Khadi Revolution in the dacoit-laden communities of Madhya Pradesh

This 60-year-old retired banker in Tamil Nadu sells his home to buy a barren land and turn it into a farm.

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