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500 young Indians coming together to ‘LIVE’ the Indian Constitution through Jagrik Project

The constitution is perhaps the most important piece of documentation for any country. In fact, it is the very essence of any democracy on which it builds itself, functions and survives. India touted as the world’s biggest democracy also governs and runs itself based on the various acts and “rules” as a layman would call it, written in the constitution.

The preamble of our constitution begins with the words, “We the people”, but there is still a question on how many of us, the “people”, are actually even aware of what a constitution does or intends to do. Are we concerned about the rights we have under it and what those rights actually mean or are we so indifferent that we just follow and never question.

What if I told you that right now more than 500 young Indians are gearing up not just to understand the constitution better but quite literally live it and make it their own. In a first of its kind public initiative, the CYC (The youth collective) in collaboration with 25 youth centric organizations have come up with a unique game aptly titled “Samvidhan Live” or “The Jagrik Project”.

So, what is the Jagrik Project you may ask?

It is an exciting campaign woven in the form of a game which will bring together 500+ youngsters, 14-30 years of age and take them on a journey spanning 5-6 weeks. Through these weeks, these “Jagriks” will engage in various activities built around the constitution, divided in pairs, across the country. The member-organizations will help in conducting this thrilling project that will take place simultaneously in 14 states pan India.

12 pairs of Jagriks will play it in an uber-interactive way in an intensive capacity and also engage the people around them, thus ensuring an active participation of their community. The journey of these participants would enable them to reflect by facing different challenges and grasping the opportunities.  It is a chance for these youngsters to know their constitution better by living and breathing it. It is built not only to spread awareness in the millennials about the constitution, but also to make them understand and realise about the crucial part they play in it. And what better way to do it than creating a game around it.

The Jagrik Project - Game on Indian Constitution

The idea behind this initiative is taking out the constitution hidden in our text books, to a more engaging platform. A thought, that our constitution is way too important to just be studied in a classroom, finally culminated into the game, “Samvidhan Live”.

This campaign is not only meant to engage the youth by giving them a platform but also to reinforce, that understanding the very thing on which their country functions is utterly crucial. “A space was missing for the young Indians to understand and experience what the constitution is all about. This campaign is all about taking the whole process to a more experiential level. Mere words written on a parchment hardly make sense till we have lived them, understanding “the right to equality” by living it rather than reading about it, is what makes this initiative so simple yet genius.” says Lokashish, director of CYC.

Designed to engage the young Indians in a refreshingly ingenious way, the game would be all about real-life simulation played by the “Jagrik” pairs. Though the campaign is built in the format of a reality game; it is far from being competitive. “The idea is to create a collaborative environment rather than a competitive field.” reaffimrs Lokashish

The Jagriks are all set, the constitution is waiting to be explored and understood by young minds and the stage is totally set for the Samvidhan Live to kick start today.


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