Left his village as a penniless man but came back as a Corporate Professional

Manoj Kumar
Village boy to corporate honcho (Representational)

Fighting back his life of poverty and hardship – Story of Manoj Kumar

The fruit of success always grows on the trees of hard work”, said Manoj. Although initially, the voice over the phone seemed calm and composed, but what came afterwards taught us the true meaning of what a true fight is.

Born in a small village, Manoj Kumar was coerced by circumstances to smother his dreams in order to earn two square meals a day. To support his family, he started working early in his life. piWhen he was in his 7th grade, he would attend school in the morning and would sell recently bought Sim Cards and recharge vouchers from the nearby town in his village. Although Manoj’s determination to study never diminished, he was abruptly stopped by the poor financial condition of his family. Witnessing his strong will, his mother mortgaged every last piece of her gold jewellery and savings to give wings to her son’s dream.

All the sacrifices and hardships were finally giving a sliver for the first rays of hope. Manoj graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration. Soon after, he got his first job offering from a firm in Noida with a monthly salary of Rs. 2500. But what seemed like a key to the shackles of poverty, yet again proved to be another cage of doom.

Even after working to the best of his abilities for the more than 8 months, one day he was suddenly fired from his firm for no concrete reason whatsoever. Jolted by the trauma of being without a job and hardly any money, Manoj spent many nights sleeping at the railway station and finally returned without a ticket to his village. There, he realised that in this ruthless world of cut-throat competition, his only respite would be an MBA. But the first barrier came in the form of an educational loan. Initially sceptical of providing him with a loan, the Bank Manager was impressed with Manoj’s zest and finally sanctioned a loan for his degree.  After completing his degree, Manoj was hired as a management trainee for sales and marketing at a firm in Mumbai. Working day and night, he lived in a chawl and slept on the floor. Adding to his malice, his colleagues started being judgemental because of his rusty attire and inability to speak English. Conniving against him, they used to antagonize him with an overburdened schedule. But, Manoj fought valiantly. While was tagged a non-performer and asked to quit his job, he took each difficulty as a stepping stone. His hard work paid off when finally after a few months he was given the award for the Employee of the Month.

And it was this plaque of “EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH” that finally redefined Manoj’s path. With great power came great responsibility, but Manoj never faltered. He worked from 7 am in the morning to late till 3am. He slept just 4 hours a day. The same schedule continued for the next 2 years. Manoj was now all set to reach the apogee. And he reached his zenith indeed. Sitting in his corporate office, Manoj is now talking to us as the Marketing Head of a highly esteemed educational institution. “I might have started in a village under hard conditions, but life taught me that whatever is the situation, hard work and determination are the only qualities that can take you to the other side with the luminaries. I feel that my determination is finally paying off”, he said while disconnecting the phone, getting ready for another bout of life.

Priyansh Soni | TOC

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  1. Avatar
    Pradeep Kumar
    August 4, 2016

    Great Bhai!! I appreciate ur determination.

  2. Avatar
    Arun Agrawal
    August 4, 2016

    Opportunity comes to those who quit Waiting and start Looking. Success comes to those who quit Thinking and start Doing. Congratulations for Looking and Doing. Well deserved..????

  3. Avatar
    Pradeep Ghosh
    August 4, 2016

    Very well written Priyansh. Keep it up

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