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The pandemic is finding its way back into our lives. Newer cases have soared, and so has our intent to bring you hopeful news. Because the world needs it, now more than ever. The March 2021 issue has solutions spanning diverse domains across education, community, activism, social work and innovation.

Happy to announce that our March 2021 Issue is out. 

Here’s what stories this month’s new roster has to offer.

  • How a school in Kenya is giving teenage mothers a second chance at their life.
  • A Colombia based startup is making affordable houses out of coffee husks
  • The story of India’s first transgender band – 6 Pack
  • Candian Professor makes self-healing roads that could be the future of infrastructure
  • Two students from Gujarat make an E-bike that runs at 25 paise.

And many more intriguing stories.

Please do let us know how you find these stories. Keen to hear back from you.


The Optimist Citizen Team

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