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This Father-Daughter Duo from Patna has Designed a Medi-Robot to reduce the exposure of frontline workers

Akanksha Srivastava and  Yogesh Kumar  from Patna have designed a medi-robot that can examine the patients for vital parameters and reduce the risk of exposure on the frontline workers. It can conduct ward surveillance and also enable smooth communications between the patient and the doctor via video-conferencing.

The rising number of coronavirus cases crippled the healthcare infrastructure. While it has become difficult to contain the spread of the virus, it is equally troublesome to deal with an acute shortage of medical aid. The doctor to patient ratio in India is unbelievably low. It puts healthcare professionals at higher risk of contracting the contagious disease as they have to perform the regular medical examination of numerous patients. 22-year-old Akanksha Srivastava, along with her father Yogesh Kumar, developed a Medi-Robot that can act as a helping hand for the doctors.

Features of Medi-Robot

Medi-Robot is a bridge between the critical patients of infectious diseases and paramedic staff. Its digital features assist doctors in performing the basic medical examination and measuring vital parameters. This includes checking the amount of glucose in the blood, oxygen rate, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, ECG etc. Moreover, it can sanitise the hospital wards using liquid sanitiser or inbuilt UV light. With a high-resolution camera, it efficiently performs the task of ward surveillance and ensures smooth communication via video conferencing between the doctor and the patient. Besides that, it can deliver oxygen, medicines, and nebulizers. A remote controller controls the movement of the robot.

Medi Robot

How Does Medi-Robot Work?

Akanksha explained, “The medi-robot goes up to a patient and measures their vital parameters. This information is transferred in real-time to the doctor via Bluetooth technology.” This data is stored in a database for future references. It enables the doctor to monitor the patients from a safe distance. The innovative medi-robot also delivers e-prescription to patients. “Each patient gets a unique QR code. The robot scans it and sends the data to the doctor. They revert with the prescription instantly for the patient,” Akanksha explains as she tells how it saves both time and resources.

Making of the Medi-Robot During Lockdown

Akanksha is a final year Electronics Engineering student at Bhilai Institute of Technology. Her father is working in the Central Government. The father-daughter have been passionate about mechanics and electronics. They love to build upon their ideas to create something concrete and useful. After the announcement of nationwide lockdown, Akanksha came back home. She read the news about the deadly virus and thought about the risk posed to the medical fraternity. “I was deeply moved by the deaths of the doctors and paramedic staff,” she adds. After discussing her thoughts with her father, the duo went ahead with developing the prototype of the robot. Akanksha shared, “We made the robot at home. I took care of the software design while my father helped me with assembling the hardware components.”

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The father-daughter duo conducted the pilot test at three private hospitals in Patna. Akanksha shared that they received an amazing response from the healthcare professionals. “We also got a few suggestions from the doctors which we incorporated in the model to make it more beneficial,” Akanksha quipped in. She said how one of the AIIMS Patna doctors found it extremely wonderful. She asked her to include the e-prescriptions which Akanksha did in further improvisations. Talking about the challenges, she added, “It was a big challenge for us to procure necessary components for making the model due to lockdown.” Despite that, the duo managed to do with the available resources and designed the robot. Now, they are looking forward to tying up with the industrial collaborators and scale up the production of medi-robot. Although Akanksha has applied for the patent, she believes that the government should allow the health workers to use Medi-Robo.

With an investment of Rs 1 lacs, the robot could be made in around 15 days easily. Akanksha also shared that this innovation would be a great help in rural areas. It can easily do the basic examination of the patients and deliver e-prescriptions. The duo has also launched their company Mechatronica. Once they get enough support from the government, they would ramp up the production of the medi-robot. It would decentralise the first line of medical aid and ease the workload for any impending waves if may hit us again. Being prepared is always handy. 

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