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Pratyaksha Majhe - NIFT, Bhopal

NIFT Bhopal Student Designs a Movable Toilet for Critical COVID Patients on Oxygen Support

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Pratyaksha Majhe, an accessory design student from NIFT Bhopal, has designed a movable toilet for the Covid patients on oxygen support. This bed can also highly benefit any bed-ridden patient at home or in hospitals.

The second wave of COVID-19 saw cases mounting in India with an unimaginable death toll. This unprecedented surge led the nation to a looming disaster with a collapsing healthcare system. During such difficult times, a young student from Bhopal made an innovative ‘movable toilet’ for the Covid patients in the hospital. Pratyaksha Majhe, an accessory design student from NIFT Bhopal, stepped forward to help to mitigate the existing problems in her way.

Movable Toilet

The movable toilet will benefit the critical patients in COVID hospitals. Pratyaksha explained, “The washrooms are at a considerable distance from the beds at some hospitals.” It poses a genuine challenge for the patients on oxygen support. Walking to the washroom means taking out the oxygen mask. A step which evidently can aggravate their health problems further because of a sudden dip in their oxygen level.” This innovative model can get installed into the hospital wards with ease. And it works exactly like any other household toilet.

Pratyaksha used Iron and Fiber sheets to build this toilet. It is fully covered from all sides and has a curtain at the front. It has a western toilet seat, two water tanks of different capacities, a hand faucet, and a toilet flush. The 80-litre flush tank is attached at the bottom. The 100-litre water tank is fixed on the three walls of the toilet. Pratyaksha shared that the wastage tank needs cleaning after 6-8 times of usage. After which, it is ready for reuse again. She further added that the backside of the toilet has a drainage pipe attached to it for cleaning purposes.

It has a compact size similar to that of a wheelchair. Hence, it is easily movable around. “The toilet has wheels and a handle at the backside. It is not too heavy, and any person of average build can easily move it around,” Pratyaksha explains. Talking about her inspiration behind designing the innovative model, she shared, “When my Uncle contracted COVID in April this year, he got admitted to the hospital on oxygen support. He experienced severe challenges while moving to the toilet because of the need for a continuous supply of oxygen.” This incident prompted her to design something to help the patients have a better lavatory experience. After discussing the idea with her father, Pratyaksha latched onto design a prototype and took the help of her acquaintance to build it in their workshop. The total cost of making the model was around Rs 25,000. However, she says it could go down visibly lower when the lockdown lifts. “A few days ago, someone called me up to thank me for designing the movable toilet. Although they lost their loved one to COVID, the model made the deceased’s last days easier. This welled up my eyes,” said Pratyaksha.

Pratyaksha Majhe - Bhopal
Pratyaksha Majhe – Student of NIFT, Bhopal

The young design student looks forward to taking her innovation to more people who need it the most. Pratyaksha plans to donate the toilets to the hospitals. She has not filed for the patents yet. The model can be used not just for COVID patients but for any bed-ridden patient at home or in hospitals. And hence, the innovation holds a long term impact. 

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