Mumbai based environmentalist get citizens from across the world to come together to form the world’s largest citizen-led sustainability movement

After deciding to leave a very remunerative job at Café Coffee Day, India, Saurabh embarked on a journey of riding bicycles in different countries and rode over 50,000 kilometres in two years. Over the course of his journey, he realized the impact citizens can have in the sustainable development sector and decided to launch the EARTH5R. It can be often seen that one does not concern themselves with a problem until it is harming them personally. While everyone likes to talk about a sustainable future, a very few wish to contribute towards it. The dependency on various organizations for the work in the social sector has increased so much that the impact ordinary citizens can create among themselves has been overlooked. That is the opinion of Saurabh Gupta, founder of one of the world’s largest citizen-led sustainability movement, EARTH5R. university.

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