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Q) What is the competition about?

A nationwide competition to share, recognize and celebrate small day to day positive actions of ordinary people around us. The Competition will have a preliminary round where participants will submit a Photo Story and the ones that qualify for the Final Round will involve the participant to write for a crowdfunding Campaign.

Q) What is a Photo-Story?

A Photo Story is a story in about 200-250 words accompanied by a Photograph of the subject about which the story is narrated. The Subject could be a person/event/life-incidence/action or anything alike on which the participant wishes to write.

Q) Do I need a DSLR/Camera to click the Photo?

No, you can click the picture from any basic smart phone. It’s the narration both with visuals or words that we would evaluate.

Q) What is a Crowd funding Campaign?  How will I get a Crowdfunding story for The Final Round?

The Crowdfunding Campaign is an open appeal to masses to donate for some cause, the campaign is often done via social media. Once the participant qualifies for the Final Round, The Optimist Citizen will Assign to them one specific campaign in coordination with our Crowdfunding platform.

Q) How do I register for the competition?

Click the “Register” button on home screen and fill the form that follows.

Q) What is the timeline of the competition?

The Last date for registration is 23/08/17, for more details on the timeline refer the Timeline Tab on the Competition Page.

Q) How do I pay the competition fee?

Click on “Register Now” on the Competition Page. The payment can be done via Debit Card/Credit Card/NEFT/NetBanking / Wallets (whichever applies).

Q) How does my user account work?

Once you have registered for the competition, you’ll get an  active form which would expire after seven days. You need to submit the story within the given time.

Q) What topic can I write my story about?

The Photo story should be a positive narration it could be of a person, an action, organization or an incident. The story could be based on experience or even on someone you know personally.

Q) What is a Positive story?

Any story which could inspire people to do good, irrespective of the scale. This initiative seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the good actions of ordinary citizens and recognize their work.

Q) How do I upload and submit my entry?

You can visit your active link (which will be sent to you through email ) and submit both the story and the image. This submission has to happen within seven days of your registration.

Q) Why am I posting this from my social media account?

The Aim of this initiative is engage youths in the creation and consumption of positive content on social media, you posting it from your profile would help catalyze the spread of this positive revolution we wish to create. If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or +91-9111105831.


ENTRY FEE – Rs. 100

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