Our country is facing a massive waste management challenge. There are over 377 million urban people that live in 7,935 towns and cities that together generate about 62 million tons of municipal solid waste per annum. Only 43 million tons (MT) of the waste is collected, 11.9 MT is treated and 31 MT is dumped in landfill sites. Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one of the basic essential services provided by our municipal authorities to keep urban centres clean. However, almost all these municipal authorities dispose of the solid waste at a dump yard within or outside the city haphazardly.


We, the citizens normally ignore the whole concept of waste and turn a blind eye to it daily. It feels like a distant problem, but what we don’t realise is that it’s closer than we think it is. Let’s say you have an empty candy wrapper in one hand and a banana peel in the other. When you are at a dustbin you are more likely to toss the two in the same bin than take your time and put them in either the dry waste bin or the wet waste one. We don’t think about which one to put which waste in. However, by doing this, there come several consequences.

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