Sarbjeet Singh – A man blessing from Shimla who has arranged 20,000 units of blood for many hospitals, runs a free canteen for hospital patients and drives a free-of-cost funeral van

Sarbjeet Singh

Sarbjeet Singh lives a happy, normal life in the calm hills of Shimla. And if we just stuck on to appearances, we would probably stash away Sarbjeet as just another face in the crowd. But, Sarbjeet is not your regular next door Joe.

It all began in 2007 when Sarbjeet Singh started operating a free-of-cost funeral van – that was available 24×7 – to ease the final journey of hundreds. According to him, “earlier, the cremation grounds and the cemetery used to be a long way from the local hospitals with no means for transporting dead bodies. Additionally, after 5 pm, the general population was helpless as there was no one to help them do this.” He chose to loan some assistance by driving a memorial service van. In 2012, with assistance from residents, he purchased a Van and has acted as a pallbearer for hundreds of souls. The Van provided great relief to hundreds of residents, owing to the fact that not even government hospitals rendered these facilities to their deceased patients. The Van provided great relief to the residents and inspired Sarbjeet to start an organisation of his own called Almighty Blessings.


As a part of the cumulative efforts of his and his organisation, Sarbjeet Singh has helped in gathering more than 20,000 units of blood for many hospitals and nursing units. All the blood donation centers in the state have his telephone number and have the assurance that they can contact him, should there be an occurrence of a crisis. He has also organized outings for residents of several orphanages and old-age facility homes in and around Shimla for the last twelve years. With his ambition to bring the underdeveloped segments of the society at par with the mainstream, he took up another amazing initiative in October 2014 which was to run a free canteen for the patients and their attendents at the Indira Gandhi Medical College in Shimla. The canteen constitutes of tea and biscuits throughout the day with healthy servings of soup, daliya and a meal of dal-chawal.

In 2016, Almighty Blessings likewise began another free canteen at Shimla’s biggest hospital: The Kamala Nehru Hospital. Since then, Five Chapati banks have been constructed at Sanjauli, Totu, Kasumpati, Lakkar bazaar and Lower Bazar to gather chapattis.

Apart from helping the society in every possible way, he also runs a successful shoe business that caters to the needs of his immediate family and also provides funds for his humane ventures, with full support from his family. One can always check out his Ted talks available on YouTube, or his Facebook page for his inspiring messages. As a special message for our readers, Sarbjeet Singh pleads that, “we should only serve humanity, and not any religion. Most of us are comfortable in serving only our own people. But I think, the biggest religion is humanity.”

If you would like to support Mr. Sarbjeet Singh in his efforts, you can contact him at +91-9418061000

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