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Science Ashram: An Ashram grooming and producing entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and artists of tomorrow

In the world of constant approval and competition, there resides a place, where all the young minds are wired and rewired off the tangibility of the preexisting norms of the society. Such a seclusion is called Science Ashram. Science Ashram is an unique hands-on science learning centre where children learn the concepts of science by performing experiments and building projects. The purpose of this hands-on learning institution is to promote science among youth in a more holistic manner. The Science Ashram is determined to harbor the skills of the children other than the theoretical knowledge. They provide carpentry skill, sheath metal skill, nature walks and furnish them with experiential learning.

The Science Ashram was started in Mysore with 8-10 children when the founders quit their lucrative corporate jobs to initiate this innovative program. The ashram now accommodates 250 odd pupils and conducts a lot of experiments and encourages the students to carry it on individually and independently. Like any other revolutionary idea, even they faced their fair share of struggle. Schools and Parents were a bit apprehensive and prejudiced to send their children to this program. But now, this mentality has been gradually changing. The ashram records and projects the achievements of the student so that more and more can be benefitted by this pioneering setup of learning.

Other than experiments, they have a “Maker’s Challenge” where for a span of one month, the child is infused with skill knowledge and technical abilities and after the time limit, they are given a problem to tackle in their own creative and experimental way. The child must build the experiment and the data is delivered to the parents for progress check. This ensures the settlement of science tools and knowledge in the minds of the pupil and the skill to perform it with confidence and pleasure. It also buys approval from their parents. Vishnu, a student from Science Ashram was initially, a hyperactive kid who didn’t sit at one place for long but when he was admitted to this program, there was an attitudinal change observed in him, instead of watching cartoons, he switched to Discovery Science, spent his time in the library reading physics textbooks. So, there is not only technical rehabilitation but behavioural as well. Another child named Rahul created a cell which is attached to the shoes and it charges mobile phones. This discovery is for places where phone exists but electricity doesn’t. And now, he is even talking with investors for mass production.

Science Ashram has expanded globally where they provide lectures and materials overseas. They have managed to ship materials to children residing in other countries. In 500 experiments, they have botany, chemistry, physics, biology depending upon the age level starting from 9 years to 15 years. The Science Ashram team also provides space for engineering students with tools to perform experiments and learn. With children coming from all socio-economic culture, Science Ashram is touching lives of many aspiring scientists, technicians, painters and artists from around the world.

Ujjwala Sinha | TOC

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