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How to Avoid Social Media-Induced Anxiety? 

While social media is a great outlet to connect with the people you enjoy and get the latest updates on pop culture and daily life, it can be equally taxing. Some people feel that they have to live up to an image every day. Here are some ways to avoid social media-induced anxiety. 

How Are You Using Social Media? 

Is social media a place for you to fill an empty void? Do you compare yourself to others? Instead of putting up a facade, get into a rave wonderland that you enjoy. 

Using social media to fill something up in your life is an unhealthy way of trying to cope with issues. Also, you may spend hours trying to put up a picture when you see people have the perfect posts. You put a lot of pressure on yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Instead, think about showing content that you like and the things that make you feel better. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but people can get a glimpse into your real personality.

Stick to a Couple of Social Media Channels 

Stop wearing yourself out trying to keep up with multiple channels at a time. Remember, social media is just one small aspect of your life. When you have three or more social media networks, you feel forced to post something. 

Instead, dedicate a little time throughout the week to a few posts. You still have work, family, and your social life. Think of how much you get done not being on social media all day long. Also, your social media profile holds more weight after not posting for a while. You have more meaningful things to post on your social media channels because you have a fulfilling life.  

Stop Taking Things Seriously

Social media should be a place where you learn and have fun. It doesn’t always need to be serious. Don’t worry about receiving likes because you feel like you need gratification from your social sites. 

The number of likes you get on social media holds no candle to your real-life worth.  Your quality of life should be based on how you enjoy yourself and those close to you. Even if you spend an hour typing the most thoughtful written post or dynamic video, do it because you love it. 

Let everything flow naturally and post things because you find them interesting. You’re sharing just a piece of your busy lifestyle. 

Engage With Others

You might feel that you have to post every day and be the one to keep things going. Don’t be afraid to have conversations with others. It can spark interesting discussions and maybe inspire you to put out some different content.

Also, it’ll make things fun because you’re speaking with people you would love to be social with in real life.  It doesn’t make you feel alone and you can participate in engaging content. 

Block or Mute People Who Post Negative Things

While social media is not all glitter and gold, seeing negative things every day on your timeline can mess with your psyche. It’s unhealthy when you’re trying to get away from the world’s trouble and go to a place to find more drama. 

If you see friends and family constantly posting negativity on their feeds, you can block their posts or unfriend them. Your mental health is a top priority. Don’t feel bad when you have to get delete people off of your social media pages. 

Think about replacing these posts with better energy. 

Start communicating more with people who post uplifting things to help you deal with the daily stress of life. Also, use positive imagery to help make your day more productive.  When dealing with social media anxiety, take steps to mold these networks into a better outlet for your mental state. 

You’ll live a more fulfilling life by going by your own rules instead of trying to cater to someone’s standards. It’s easy and doable. And most importantly, it’s more fulfiling.


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